About Me

My name is Aisha Benton, I'm 15 years old and also the CEO of Urban Mint Couture. I started Urban Mint Couture out of my love for designing. All designs on the tees are made by myself. Thomas Dale High School's Visual Art Program, which I am apart of, is what helped me venture into the designing world. I also get my love for art and designing from my Grandma Faye who is deceased. She and my Aunt Rosalie both had Multiple Sclerosis and they both have passed away from it. In their honor I will be donating $1 from the sale of every T-shirt to research a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. I choose to donate in their honor because my grandma's art was a source of inspiration for me and my aunt was always there to support me in whatever I was doing. If you would like to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis , below is the link to the local Central Virginia Multiple Sclerosis chapter. 

Multiple Sclerosis


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